The work involved in the Green Healthcare Programme is primarily focused on the area of waste, in particular the three waste streams:


Over 50% of hospital beds in Ireland have been surveyed and methodologies are now in place to undertake detailed Food Waste, Clinical Hospital Risk Waste, Recyclable & Mixed Residual Waste characterisation surveys.

In addition, the programme has touched on:

  • Water, through a number of water flow surveys
  • Energy usage and awareness

Initially, Green Healthcare Programme personnel meet with relevant hospital staff to outline the programme, describe the work involved and plan the surveys. The Programme staff also review work done to date regarding waste management.

For each hospital the following is then typically carried out:

The results of the surveys are provided to hospital staff and management through detailed reports and recommendations.

The programme then continues to work with the hospital, drawing up likely actions, and providing assistance in implementing these actions. These actions may include additional detailed surveys in particular problem areas, surveys of bin locations, etc.

As well as the direct support to the participating hospitals, assistance is also provided to the whole healthcare sector through the range of guidance documents provided on this website, the benchmarks developed and the Green Healthcare Network for healthcare professionals, which is facilitated by the programme.