The aim of the Green Healthcare Programme (GHCP) is to prevent waste and reduce costs in Irish hospitals.

GHCP has been supporting healthcare facilities in Ireland since an initial pilot project in 2009.

GHCP provides direct advice and assistance to the many hospitals that have joined the programme. 

These hospitals have benefited from

  • detailed waste surveys  
  • follow-up reports
  • recommendations and
  • customised advice

GHCP provides hospitals with an invaluable information based resource to save money and become more efficient.

Through these surveys, and the follow-up work directly with the hospitals, GHCP has developed proven methodologies to undertake food waste, clinical waste, recyclable waste and mixed residual waste characterisation analyses.

The programme also aims to allow hospitals themselves to become more resource efficient through the provision of guidance documents that staff can use on a day-to-day basis in their work, to prevent waste and reduce costs. These include:

Benchmarks (providing hospitals with valuable information upon which they can rate themselves and act)

Case Studies (based on actual work done in Irish hospitals, to reduce costs and waste)

Best Practice Guides (providing hospitals with valuable assistance in achieving best practice in waste reduction)

How To Guides (giving step by step instruction to hospitals to reduce costs and become more resource efficient)

Factsheets (offering valuable information on a range of waste-related topics in Irish hospitals)

To download an overview of the Green Healthcare Programme, the work that has been done and the main findings, click here.