The Green Healthcare Network is a free and confidential network for managers working in the health care industry.

It is especially geared towards hospital staff whose functions relate to waste, water and energy use issues, such as technical services, environmental management, maintenance, housekeeping, infection control, and catering.

The network has been set up to act as a forum for asking questions and sharing information between individual healthcare facilities, so that all hospitals in Ireland can achieve best practice and learn from each others’ experiences in resource efficiency.

The network also provides a forum to ask questions of  Clean Technology Centre experts who have been carrying out surveys across the sector and have worked in many areas of resource efficiency and waste prevention, including food waste, energy, water, hazardous waste etc.

There are several themes of interest – network members can select all, or just those they are interested in:  risk waste, food waste, recyclable waste, water, energy.

If you work in the healthcare sector and wish to join the network please apply to join via e-mail

Using the Basecamp online collaboration tool, Network members will have quick and easy access to:

  • CTC experts
  • Private discussions
  • Q&A
  • Shared documents
  • Internal communications, and
  • Other project management tools

This is an excellent forum for sharing resources, discussing issues of concern privately, uploading & downloading files etc.

The National Health Sustainability Office (NHSO) is committed to become a leading sustainable organisation delivering low carbon quality sustainable healthcare into the future, with the purpose of preserving natural resources, reducing carbon emissions, mitigating the effects of climate change and safeguarding high quality patient care.