External Sources of information on Resource Efficiency in the Healthcare Sector


Sustainability Energy Agency of Ireland (SEAI) Energy Efficiency Website for the Health Services

Centre for the Analysis and Dissemination of Demonstrated Energy Technologies (Netherlands) Saving energy with Energy Efficiency in Hospitals

EPTA Ltd. (Greece) Guidelines for Energy Efficiency in Hostpitals

USAID ECO3 Project Energy Efficiency In Hospitals: Best Practice Guide

Energy Star US – Saving Water and Energy Efficiency in Hospitals


Magazine for Greening Hospitals Greenhealth Magazine

United Kingdom NHS Sustainable Development Unit

Unites States Environmental Protection Agency Partnership for Sustainable Healthcare

Practice Green Health Website for Environmental Solutions for the Healthcare Sector

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Managing Healthcare Waste

Bristol Myers Squibb Greener Hospitals Guide (including self assessment checklist) Greener Hospitals Improving Environmental Performance


Healthcare Environmental Resource Center Facilities Management—Water Conservation

Alliance for Water Efficiency Medical and Health Care Systems Introduction

USEPA Process Water Efficiency in Healthcare

Water UK Water Efficient Hospitals

South West Florida Water Management District Hospital Checklist

The Natural Edge Project (Australia) Water Savings in Hospitals

Massachusetts Water Resources Authority – Water Efficiency and Management for Hospitals


Environmental Health Unit (Victoria, Australia) Guidelines for Water Recycling in Health Facilities

Renal Business Today Making Dialysis Green – How an Australian Clinic Conserves Water and Power

Centre for Sustainable Healthcare (UK) Conserving Water in Haemodialysis: Case study and How-to Guide