National Stop Food Waste Day

1 March

The 1st March every year is National Stop Food Waste Day. Reducing food waste is a key climate action that can be taken within healthcare facilities.

  • Training is available on reducing food waste in healthcare, both online and in-person for catering staff.
  • The HSE is required to reduce food waste by 50% by 2030 as a public sector obligation. See a guide to reducing food waste in healthcare.
  • The EPA national food waste prevention roadmap includes actions on food waste prevention.
  • For the EPA’s Food Waste Charter, organisations that sign up commit to tracking and reporting on food waste and taking action on reduction.
  • A case study on Sligo University Hospital’s on-site composting machine for turning food waste into compost for use on-site in biodiversity activities.
  • Bin stickers for bins to help food waste segregation.
  • Posters to help segregate waste correctly, including for food waste into brown bins, are available.
  • Various resources for work and home on including:
    • Eating in season is a great way to reduce the overall environmental impact of what we eat – see the Stop Food Waste Seasonal calendar.
    • The A – Z of food which sets out how to store, freeze and prepare all types of foods to help reduce food waste.

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