Global Recycling Day

18 March 2024

Global Recycling Day aims to recognise and celebrate the importance that recycling plays in preserving primary resources. There are various resources available to help promote the day.

HSE activities and support in relation to waste:

    • Monthly Training outlining healthcare specific good practices on waste reduction and increasing recycling, from observations in healthcare facilities. The overall aim of the training is to provide a non-technical overview of healthcare waste reduction.
        • Available to all HSE staff or budget holders in a hospital or community health setting responsible for waste, and HSE Green Team members.

    • Bin stickers  and Posters for recycling bins, general waste bins, and food bins to help show staff how to segregate waste correctly.  

  • Guide on good practice in bin placement – how to optimise the types, locations and size of bins in terms of yellow risk waste bins, general waste bins and recycling bins.  
  • A summary poster of actions and activities in relation to waste is shown here.



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